Theresa Matthews-Briggs
Sauls-Bridges Unit 13 President

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Auxiliary News

Welcome to ALA Sauls-Bridges Unit 13 Inc., Tallahassee, Florida

The American Legion Auxiliary was formed to aid The American Legion in carrying out the great program of peacetime service to America to which The American Legion is dedicated

All of its activities are designed to promote the work of The American Legion and to help The American Legion reach its objectives.

Its members serve side by side with the members of The American Legion in a spirit of unselfish devotion to the well being of the American republic.

Our Mission Is To:

  • To support the American Legion programs for veterans, young people and community
  • To provide for today's needs while being advocates for a bright future
  • To advance the understanding of patriotism and responsibility of citizenship
  • To promote individual integrity and family values
  • To ensure as volunteers, that Auxiliary members continue to be leaders in all that is good in this nation today, tomorrow and for generations to come through serving others first and not self